Cinematic Slant

Logan Lucky – Marketing Recap

Brothers Jimmy and Clyde Logan (Channing Tatum and Adam Driver, respectively) come from a long line of losers in the new movie Logan Lucky, directed by Steven Soderbergh. They decide they’re going to turn things around, though, and set out to reverse… Read More

9 Elvis Presley Movie Trailers

It’s been 40 years today since the death of Elvis Presley to mark the occasion we’re going to look back at the trailers for just some of the movies he starred in as he worked to leverage his success with music into… Read More

Patti Cake$ – Marketing Recap

Danielle Macdonald plays Patti in the new movie Patti Cake$, hitting limited theaters this week. Patti is stuck in the lower-class suburbs of New Jersey but aspires to fame and fortune as a rapper. That goal is met with resistance by her… Read More

Stay Tuned (25th Anniversary Flashback Marketing)

Back in 1992 comedies were still being written and marketed for adults, not just for kids and teenagers. That allowed for something like Stay Tuned to be produced that was definitely meant to appeal to an older audience. So with the movie… Read More

Warner Bros. Offers New Trailer for Blade Runner: The Final Cut 4K Release

As we get closer to the release of Blade Runner 2049 Warner Bros. is making sure we remember not only that the new movie is coming out but that 1982’s original Blade Runner exists as well. To that end it’s releasing Blade… Read More

This Week’s New Trailers: mother!, Our Souls At Night and More

Director Darren Aronofsky is going full-on horror with mother! if the first trailer is any indication and with Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem, as well as Michelle Pfieffer and Ed Harris, on board so am I. The concept of awkward family gatherings… Read More

Picking Up The Spare: The Emoji Movie, Wonder Woman, The Glass Castle

The Emoji Movie You can get a free ticket to see The Emoji Movie if you buy a Happy Meal at McDonald’s, which is great but also seems a bit late to help the movie’s box office fate. Wonder Woman The Warner… Read More

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Goes 80s for Home Video Campaign

OK, this Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 music video with David Hasselhoff is kind of goofy. But I don’t get the sudden 1980s-themed campaign being taken in selling the movie’s home video release. It’s not just this video, a few weeks… Read More

Picking Up the Spare: Detroit, Atomic Blonde

Detroit I don’t necessarily agree with Seth Abrmovitch at THR in his assessment that the movie’s marketing played like a horror film. Tense, sure, but I think equating this to a horror campaign says more about the lack of mature-audience dramas than… Read More

New Trailers This Week: mother!, Death Wish and More

There’s a full trailer coming early next week, but for the time being here’s a teaser for mother! The trailer for What Happened To Monday sells a high-concept, action-packed sci-fi story. Religious division and sectarianism are at the heart of this trailer… Read More