Chappaquiddick This is a good example of a wave of interviews in the last week or so with the movie’s screenwriters where they talk about how they first heard about this story and began developing it into a feature film. Rampage I… Read More

Right now everyone is focusing on sound design as a result of A Quiet Place. In a story where the slightest sound can alert alien predators to your presence and cause them to pounce, it’s understandable that considerable weight would be given… Read More

6 Balloons There have been a few profiles of Abbi Jacobson in the wake of the movie’s release, most of which focus on how different this is from “Broad City,” which she’s most widely known for and her first real dramatic role…. Read More

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Game Over, Man I’m not sure what the point of this “VR Experience” for the Netflix-original movie was other than to show what stoned losers the main characters are, but it’s kind of amusing in and of itself. The Last Movie Star… Read More

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  I’ve never really been a fan of movie studios – or any other brand – trying to be clever by posting to social media as a character from the movie or other ad campaign. There was a whole, wide-ranging debate over… Read More