the suicide squad – marketing recap

Sequel? Reboot? Both?

“OK, let’s try this again.”

That seems to be the prevailing attitude in the leadup to Warner Bros.’ release of The Suicide Squad, coming to theaters and HBO Max this week.

Like 2016’s Suicide Squad, this movie is about a group of super-villains who have been captured by the government and coerced by security operative Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) into taking on dangerous missions in exchange for reductions to their sentences. This time that mission involves hunting down The Thinker (Peter Capaldi), who has unleashed a giant alien starfish named Starro who can control people’s minds.

In addition to Davis, Margot Robbie returns as Harley Quinn – widely seen as the best part of the first film – as does Joel Kinnaman as Col. Rick Flag and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang. They’re joined by Idris Elba as Bloodsport (taking the place of Will Smith’s Deadshot), John Cena as Peacemaker and a handful of others as the Squad is greatly expanded this time around.

Technically a sequel in that it continues the story from that first movie and features some of the same characters, WB seems eager to take the few things people liked about the first entry and eject the rest, hoping to put the poor commercial and critical reception it received five years ago in the rearview mirror.

This despite how, in the wake of Zack Snyder being given the opportunity to revisit his abandoned Justice League project for HBO Max, some fans have taken it upon themselves to call for director David Ayer to be given the same opportunity with Suicide Squad. In this case it wasn’t Joss Whedon stepping in to finish the film but a trailer editing firm that took control of the final cut.

from rumor to reality

In late 2018 a possible sequel was still just that: possible. It was one of a handful of rumored projects that would bring Robbie back as Harley, some of which have fallen by the wayside with the exception of last year’s Birds of Prey.

Plans firmed up in early 2019 when WB confirmed earlier reports it had hired director James Gunn, who had recently been fired from his Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 gig by Marvel Studios following a controversy drummed up by right-wing trolls, though he’d eventually get that job back. In fact one of Gunn’s first interviews after WB’s announcement, part of the promotional cycle for Brightburn, had him commenting on how working on TSS helped him deal with the disappointment he felt over the whole Marvel incident.

After plenty of speculation, rumors and reports about what characters would appear, Gunn finally unveiled the official cast list in September, 2019. A few months later in December Gunn along with Braga sent a video message to attendees of CCXP promising they would love the film being made.

Well before the rest of the campaign launched, Gunn celebrated his birthday by sharing the movie’s title treatment in August, 2020. Members of the cast also sent him a birthday message.

dc fandome fun and more

At that time the director along with members of the cast were revealed as part of the talent lineup for DC’s “Fandome” virtual event. A “remix” of a Zoom panel with Gunn and the movie’s cast continued to set the stage for Fandome.

Two videos came out during Fandome. The first was a behind-the-scenes sneak peak that has Gunn and the cast talking about how funny, action-packed and overall unbelievable the movie was going to be. The second was a “Roll Call” of just some of the characters included in the film and the actors playing them.

Gunn showed off not one but two versions of some promotional artwork during the Fandome period.

The first official poster (by marketing agency Works Adv) also came out during the event. Not only does it show off how many characters are part of the story but the way it has each one’s name obscuring part of their face is a nice artistic touch that speaks to the different tone and feel of the movie compared to the first one. Each one of those characters was also broken off into its own poster.

In advance of Fandome a new Suicide Squad video game was teased by Rocksteady Games. While it’s not directly tied to the movie, the trailer released during the event for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League shows the game pulls a lot of visual and character inspiration from the films.

Courtney spoke briefly about the film while promoting other projects.

Empire ran a cover story on the film back in October of last year. That included comments from Gunn about how he had broad latitude to kill whatever characters the story necessitated.

More promotions for the movie were run during 2020’s CCXP, the second year in a row for the movie at that event.

hbo max and Peacemaker spinoff

With a successful Fandome event having revived some of the positive buzz for the Suicide Squad brand and anticipation running high, WB in September 2020 announced a spinoff series focused on Peacemaker, the character played by Cena, for HBO Max.

Then the big news came. Namely, that this movie like the rest of WB’s 2021 release slate would debut simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, an adjustment made to not only boost the fledgling streaming service but also accommodate what at the time were still a lot of unknowns around the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gunn was among the high-profile directors who weren’t thrilled with that decision, stating his opinion in a few interviews. Since then, though, he’s remained mum on the subject.

One of the first, albeit very brief, looks at the movie came via an HBO Max promo touting the same day theatrical/streaming availability of WB’s 2021 lineup. Another promo showed off a bit more footage.

Cena showed off his Peacemaker costume when he appeared on “The Tonight Show” in February and then did likewise on “The Late Show” in early April. A short while later Kinnaman appeared on the same show to talk about the film and more.

the marketing begins…and King Shark is a shark…

In advance of the first trailer in March two posters came out. The first (by marketing agency Concept Arts) has a retro feel, showing the main characters looking like cereal box action figures on a poster that has artificial creases in it from where the downtown grindhouse theater folded it for storage.

The second features the same characters and a similar design but without the retro conceit. This time it’s all slick and modern but still fun and outrageous, the leads framed by a giant star in the background.

The first trailer (1.9 million views on YouTube) is awesome. It shows the basic story but is primarily focused on setting a much different tone for this movie compared to the first one. Among the better moments shown here are:

  • Harley completely undoing the team’s efforts to rescue her
  • King Shark eating a guy head-first
  • Harley saying “If you cough without covering your mouth, you die.”
  • A beach full of dicks
  • Starro, ladies and gentlemen

It’s insane and looks like a lot of fun. And it led to a revival of Steely Dan’s “Dirty Work”, which the trailer’s sound designer commented on.

More character posters (by Concept Arts) were released at the end of March, showing some sort of object or symbol exploding behind that character. It’s a continuation of a visual theme established in the trailer with a shot of Harley tearing through a hallway firefight as colorful animated flowers burst from the background. By taking this approach it also continues establishing a much different visual identity for the movie from the “Hot Topic on ecstasy” tone of the first movie. These were also used in house ads appearing in DC books in the months leading up to release.

The first TV spot came out a bit after the trailer’s release, offering a cutdown version of that longer video that still had plenty of action and humor.

A green-band version that added a few more scenes and moments but otherwise hit most of the same beats came out a short while later.

In an interview with Total Film, Gunn talked more about how he wound up signing on to the movie and the amount of creative freedom – specifically to kill whichever characters he needed to to tell his story – the studio gave him. Robbie was also interviewed about the evolution of Harley Quinn in the film.

“Suicide Squad: Get Joker!”, a new three-issue mini-series from Brian Azzerello and Alex Maleev, was announced by DC in April and scheduled for release just days ahead of the movie hitting theaters and screens. There was also a King Shark one-shot with a preview of the Azzerello/Maleev series planned for Free Comic Book Day, which this year is happening the week after the movie’s release. DC also announced in May that many of its biggest titles would feature movie-inspired covers in August.

An interview with Kinnaman in June had him praising the film, saying it was “insane” and a lot of fun.

Also in June it was announced the movie would screen in August at the Fantasia International Film Festival.

The team runs through a deluge of both rain and tiny mind-controlling Starro spores on the next poster, released toward the end of June.

The second trailer (11.4m views on YouTube) also came out at that time, featuring similar levels of insanity and chaos as the first one.

Peacemaker clears up some confusion about what exactly “Project Starfish ” is and Polka Dot Man becomes a super hero in an extended TV spot from the end of June.

featurettes, more tv spots and plenty of goofy press

Fandango MovieClips got an exclusive featurette in July that had the cast talking about the unique vision Gunn brought to the project, filming the elaborate – and often practical – stunts and more.

A wide-ranging interview with Gunn had him reliving the moment he came onto the project following being fired by Marvel Studios, the attitude he tried to bring to the movie and more.

There were also a number of additional profiles and interviews with Robbie

Positive initial reactions followed a screening for press in July. That screening included a Q&A with Gunn and others where they talked more about the ridiculousness of Starro as a villain and other topics.

IMAX had an exclusive featurette, released in early July, that had Gunn and the cast talking about how the scale of the movie had to be seen on the big screen to be fully believed and enjoyed.

Another longer one goes behind the scenes, introducing some of the characters, including a few that hadn’t previously been given much of a role in the campaign.

Smashbox, one of the only promotional partners apparent, introduced a line of movie-inspired makeup products.

In what’s probably the best of the posters, the team is seen walking across a landscape which, upon further inspection, is actually Amanda Waller’s face.

WB celebrated Shark Week with a King Shark-centric spot that has Waller explaining a bit more about who he is and the rest of the team reminding him that eating people is only alright if they’re not his friends.

Red, the camera-production company, released a featurette with Gunn explaining how valuable those cameras were to making the movie he envisioned.

Gunn, Robbie and Cena – the latter once again in full costume – appeared on “Kimmel” in late July. Around that same time Courtney was interviewed about the movie, calling out the emotional heart that lies within the story.

The team is once again charging at the camera on the IMAX-exclusive poster.

That was later complemented by a TV spot hyping IMAX as the biggest and best way to see all the action.

AMC Theaters announced in July that those attending opening night screenings would receive an exclusive comic book.

Around this time outdoor and online ads using elements of the key art, especially from the second main poster.

the suicide squad online ad

grandson & Jessie Reyez released a video for “Rain,” a new song from the movie’s soundtrack, at the end of July. That video features appearances from some of the cast, their characters enjoying a night out before military bursts in and takes them away.

The cast, including Stallone, Melchior and others, continued doing various press appearances either in-person or virtually to hype of the film.

The Detachable Kid’s powers are featured in a clip that shows even Harley can’t believe what’s happening.

Just how low-rent the team is seen to be is communicated on another poster showing them arriving at the scene in an ancient broken down bus.

Bloodsport was added as a playable character in Fortnight.

One more bit of promotional art was released showing the team lying on the ground in the middle of a giant starfish drawing. The idea here – reinforced by the “Don’t get too attached” copy at the top – is to spur questions about which of the team is dead and who’s just sleeping.

Cena, Gunn and others appeared on a movie-themed episode of “Wipeout” earlier this month.

David Dastmalchian was interviewed about playing an insane, random character like Polka Dot Man.

Gunn and the cast, along with plenty of others, all showed up at the U.S. premiere of the movie in Los Angeles earlier this week. There they talked about how Gunn brought his unique level of insanity to the script

At earlier premieres and publicity tour stops, various incarnations of Starro – either as art installation or giant inflatable starfish – were used to create a unique visual spectacle.

In another substantial interview, Gunn touched on a number of topics related to the movie including why it was so much fun to write for Robbie’s Harley Quinn, what DC plans might be in his future, the “Peacemaker” HBO Max series and lots more. In another interview he shared how insistent he was on an R rating for the movie and what other conditions he had when signing on and how he wound up casting fellow director Taika Waititi in a small role.

The stars participated in an exclusive video interview for Regal Cinemas

conclusion, or “it’s king shark’s world, we just live in it

First, let’s address the Ayer in the room.

As mentioned above, ever since The Snyder Cut of Justice League became a thing a similar subgroup of fans has been demanding David Ayer be allowed to release his cut of Suicide Squad. The cast was even compelled to comment on the possibility of it happening at the premiere earlier this week.

To his credit, Ayer himself has been relatively mum, only recently releasing a statement that yes, an edit of the movie exists that’s vastly different than the theatrical version. But he also doesn’t seem bitter about it, essentially chalking it up as one more difficulty in his life he’s overcome and a story he isn’t eager to share since it would betray confidences and sour relationships. He ultimately clearly and publicly supports the new movie and Gunn’s vision for the characters.

That’s awfully big and mature of Ayer since the dominant theme of the marketing for The Suicide Squad has been “this one is different.” Brighter colors, less of a cubic zirconia vibe to the visuals and more of an emphasis on the humor inherent in the concept, especially given there’s a massive walking and talking shark involved.

King Shark Hand GIF by The Suicide Squad - Find & Share on GIPHY

The projected $30-40m opening weekend needs to be viewed on a sliding, pandemic-adjusted scale as it’s not indicative of either how well the marketing seems to have been received by the general public or the positive buzz and early reviews that have earned it a 94% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes (which is nearly four times higher than that of the first movie). By focusing on Gunn’s involvement, a clear difference has been drawn by Warner Bros. that could make this movie a hit both on streaming and in theaters.

Brightburn – Marketing Recap

brightburn trailerThe multi-talented James Gunn has made a career of telling stories that both amuse us and scare the heck out of us in good old-fashioned, B-movie ways. This week, putting on his producer hat, Gunn brings audiences Brightburn.

The story can be summed up simply as “What if a young Superman was bad?” Elizabeth Banks and David Denman star as Tori and Kyle Breyer, a farmer couple who discovers a mysterious alien craft has landed on their land. They raise the boy inside the craft as their own, hoping to bring him up right. But as Brandon (Jackson A. Dunn) gets older he begins acting out and using the incredible powers he’s developing to terrify those around him, confused and angry by the mysteries that surround him with no answers but incredible abilities.

The Posters

brightburn poster 2Brandon hovers over the ground with a makeshift cape on his back and a strange alien mask on his head on the first poster. It’s an ominous image, not a heroic one, especially given the black and red colors used in the design. The second is even creepier, featuring a close-up of that mask. Both communicate that the movie comes from the team behind Guardians of the Galaxy

Gunn, working with the artist agency Talenthouse, judged a fan art contest that had designers creating their own posters for the film. The winning designs can be seen here, some of which are quite good.

The Trailers

The trailer, which Sony debuted at last year’s Brazil Comic-Con, starts out looking like it’s selling an updated version of Richard Donner’s Superman, with a young boy struggling to figure out who he is with the help of his mother. We see he fell to Earth in a pod that crashed into a farm field and was adopted by a kindly couple who wanted a son of their own. He develops powers that make him special but seems to be using those powers to terrorize the locals, all while drawing a strange, alien symbol everywhere he can.

Early March saw the release of the second trailer, which shows that a young boy with super powers who’s been bullied is a dangerous individual. Brandon deals with terrible adults and kids and, as he figures out what he can do, begins to exact some revenge, giving into his darker impulses even as his adopted mother continues to believe there is good in him. Gunn later debuted an extended version of that trailer that contained a bit of new footage.

A final short trailer came out earlier this week that doesn’t offer much that’s new but does make the case again for the movie being filled with super powered frights and scares.

Online and Social

After the second trailer plays when the front page of the official website loads, the only information you’ll find there is an “About” section and details on the “Fan Art Contest” mentioned above. The page shows the key art with prompts to buy tickets with links to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles in the upper right corner.

Advertising and Cross-Promotions

Online banner and other ads have used the key art to drive traffic to the official website where people can buy tickets and find out more. I haven’t seen any promoted posts on Twitter or elsewhere but it wouldn’t surprise me if there had been some run to increase the reach of the trailers. Short versions of the trailer were used as pre-roll videos on YouTube and it’s safe to assume at least some of these could also be found as TV spots.

IGN shared a video of people stuck in a room under the pretense of being in a “research project” that turned terrifying and was actually a sponsored promotion for the movie.

A sponsored Facebook Lens allowed people to add Brandon’s eye laser powers to their videos.

Media and Publicity

Gunn had been teasing the project for a little while and a big announcement was planned for Sony’s panel during last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Those plans were discarded when the bad-faith controversy over Gunn’s decade-old Twitter jokes erupted, resulting in this being taken off the promotional schedule at the same time he was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3. A month or so later rumors began emerging the movie would be essentially dumped by Sony in theaters in September. It sat there for a while until it was finally given its current release date at the same time the actual title was announced.

Gunn described the movie as the perfect one for summer audiences, with others offering some details and background on the characters and unusual story.

An extended clip released in early May freaked everyone out by showing a key scene from the movie where Brandon terrorizes a lonely waitress at a local diner. It’s a tense sequence meant to show how powerless the average person would be against someone with super powers who decided to be a villain. Another shorter clip released a bit later has Brandon experimenting with his newly-discovered invulnerability.

Denman was interviewed about the movie, including how the drama around Gunn and Guardians 3 might have helped by giving Sony some breathing space to reconsider its initial release plans.

A Fandango-exclusive featurette had the cast and crew discussing the movie and setting the expectation that it was unlike anything audiences had seen before.

Sony released a brief “motion comic” that is quite intriguing, offering an overview of the story and showing some of the terror Brandon inflicts on those around him in animated form, which is often more disturbing than the footage from the actual film.

Banks stopped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to share her thoughts on scary movies and more. She also appeared on “The Late Late Show.”


It’s not as if there haven’t been plenty of Elseworlds-type stories that use as their premise the idea that Superman or other all-powerful heroes might have turned out to be evil (or at least less good) if the situations around their origins and upbringing had been different in some way. DC itself has long published comics featuring Ultraman, the Earth-3 version of Superman who uses his powers to become a crime boss. And the “Red Son” story wondered what would have happened if Kal-El’s capsule had landed in Soviet Russia.

None of those have been as flat-out scary and what’s presented in the Brightburn campaign. What’s shown here isn’t the big, bold threat to humanity that Lex Luthor has often feared, but a smaller, more intimate danger that comes from someone terrifyingly powerful being right beside you. All the mysteries that compel Clark Kent to learn more about his Kryptonian heritage and become the good person his adopted parents have raised him to be are here shown to be psychological scars Brandon doesn’t have the emotional or mental tools to deal with. The symbols he draws, used generously in the marketing, are a recurring image he can’t shake or explain. So his actions are the result of being driven somewhat mad.

Whether or not Sony made the right decision in giving the movie a bigger release platform in summer as opposed to dumping it earlier in the year remains to be seen. The $13 million opening predicted would be totally respectable for a horror film of this kind, especially given the box-office competition. Regardless, the brand-consistent marketing has created a strong identity for the film that makes it intriguing, especially to those who enjoy cross-genre stories like this is shown to be.

Picking Up the Spare

A short featurette released after the movie was in theaters had Gunn and members of the cast talking about how it’s a horror twist on the super hero genre. Another emphasized how Brandon isn’t a hero who’s here to help us. 

An interview with the other two Gunn brothers who wrote the film had them talking about how they didn’t want audiences to identify or empathize with Brandon in the story.