Bad Boys For Life – Marketing Recap

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for Bad Boys For Life at The Hollywood Reporter.

Online and Social

In addition to the usual marketing materials, the official website features a Meme Maker feature that lets people upload a photo and then add the movie’s title treatment to it. The result can then be shared on social or sent to friends.

Media and Publicity

The project was one that had gone through many starts and stops over the years, subject to endless speculation on if or when it might happen. It wasn’t until early January that Smith shared a photo confirming production had begun. He later offered a first official look at the movie as well.

Lawrence and Smith appeared jointly on “Good Morning America” while the two made separate stops on “The Tonight Show” over the last week or so. Smith also chatted with Seth Myers on “Late Night.”

How Lawrence has overcome the troubles he’s had both personally and professionally in the last 20 years or so was covered in this interview with the actor.

Why now was the perfect time to bring the Bad Boys back to the big screen and more were covered in comments made by the stars and others on the movie’s premiere red carpet.


Picking Up the Spare

More from Lawrence on his return to acting and what he’s been up to here. There was also finally some attention paid to Hudgens and her supporting role in this feature.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke at the premiere about the movie and why another sequel has been so long in the works.

Will Smith drove a Lyft car in Miami in a promotional stunt for the movie.

Spies in Disguise – Marketing Recap

You can read my full recap of the marketing for Spies In Disguise at The Hollywood Reporter.

Online and Social

Not much of note on the movie’s official website, which is laid out in the usual Fox site template. I would have expected something more like a “turn yourself into a pigeon” photo upload feature or casual game or something else, but none of that is here.

Media and Press

Holland appeared on “Kimmel” in early December to talk about this movie as well as others. Other than that there doesn’t seem to have been a big press push for the film, maybe because both stars have been out promoting other projects very recently and this was deemed not worth the effort.


I’m honestly not sure who this is meant for or who’s supposed to be enticed by this campaign. It’s a mystery to me.

Picking Up the Spare

Another commercial came out just before Christmas that focused on the “Team Weird” theme that emerged late in the campaign. There were also videos of Smith and Holland experiencing an escape room of sorts and a new clip released as well.

A profile of the movie and its creators focused how it seeks to communicate inventive and non-violent solutions to problems for kids.

Gemini Man – Marketing Recap

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for Gemini Man at The Hollywood Reporter.

Online and Social

Just a ticket-centric website for the movie, with no additional materials or information.

Media and Press

Lee, along with members of the visual effects team, spoke about the care they put into digitally altering Smith’s face and how they wanted that to be organic in the story. Later on an interview with Smith revealed his younger iteration isn’t the result of deaging technology but is a completely CGI, motion capture performance. The technology continued to be the focus of interviews as Lee commented again on the process of experimentation with higher frame rates and more.

Clive Owen’s appearance on “The Tonight Show” had him talking about the movie and lots more. When Smith showed up on “The Late Show” he talked about working with Lee and the technical aspects of the film.

The way Smith has carefully cultivated his career and made other professional choices was covered in a profile of the actor that also discussed how he’s been careful to minimize the impact of any failures.

AMC released a featurette that, much like everything else, focused on the technical aspects of making the film. An interview with costar Mary Elizabeth Winstead had her offering her thoughts on deaging and other similar topics. Another profile of Lee and Smith focused on how the director coached the actor, using some of Smith’s earlier choices as examples of what to or not to do.


Picking Up the Spare

Smith stopped by “The Daily Show” to talk about the film and more.

Aladdin – Marketing Recap

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for Aladdin at The Hollywood Reporter. I also wrote about the early commercial that offered the first look at Will Smith’s Genie for Adweek back in February.

Online and Social

There’s next to nothing on the movie’s official website, just the basic marketing materials. There are also social outposts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Media and Publicity

It was mid-December, two months after the first trailer, when the movie was the subject of a cover story in EW that offered the first good look at Smith as the Genie as well as other characters, settings and costumes along with comments and interviews with the cast. Smith later took to Instagram to make sure everyone knew he *would* be blue in the movie since none of the pictures showed him as such. It also included comments from Ritchie, who spoke about what it was like to make the story his own while still adhering to studio and audience expectations. He also commented on how they sought to keep the original songs familiar but offer a new take on them at the same time.

Late April saw a press push start in earnest, with Smith talking about the less than enthusiastic reactions to the first appearance of Genie and a look at how Disney is trying to walk the line between nostalgia and offering the audience something new with all these remakes. Scott discussed the costumes and dresses she wears in the movie. The creation of the world of the movie was the subject of another feature.

When Smith appeared on “The Tonight Show” he talked about the movie and even sang his updated version of “A Friend Like Me.” Much of the cast spoke on “Good Morning America” about the story and working with Smith. Scott then showed up on her own on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to talk about working on the film. The cast then made a stop on “Ellen” to engage with the audience and have some fun. A final appearance by Smith on “Kimmel” hit similar topics.

One more TV spot to include, one that promises audiences will have the best time by seeing the movie in theaters. IMAX also created a special message from Massoud and others encouraging audiences to see it in the biggest possible format.


aladdin gif

Picking Up the Spare

Marwan Kenzari, who plays Jafar, was finally interviewed about his character and how some fans have had a very strong reaction to his look in the movie. Another profile of Massoud touched on this being his big break and more. 

The way Smith approached following such an iconic performance was covered in comments he made at the movie’s premiere. Scott also spoke about how she worked to bring a new perspective to the role of Jasmine. 

Additional featurettes and promotional spots focused on the movie’s music, something also covered by Menken and the other songwriters here. Smith and the cast was the focus of another that had some fun with the idea the actor went very method for the role. 

There were more antics from Smith and new commercials touting the movie’s box-office success. 

A snippet of “A Whole New World” from the film was released after the movie was in theaters. 

Bright – Marketing Recap

bright poster 2Director David Ayer reunites with his Suicide Squad star Will Smith in the new Netflix-original movie Bright. In the movie, Smith plays Daryl Ward, a police officer in an alternate world where mythical creatures like elves, orcs and others coexist alongside humans and have since forever. Now, Ward is the first human cop to be paired with an orc, Jakoby (Joel Edgerton).

While they’re still learning how to get along they discover the existence of a magic wand, a powerful magical weapon that can do whatever the wielder wishes. There are various very bad people – and plenty of others – trying to get their hands on the wand but it’s up to Ward and Jakoby to keep it out of dangerous hands and make sure it can’t do any more harm.

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