sonic the hedgehog 2 – marketing recap

How Paramount has sold the sequel to a hit video game adaptation

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 poster
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 poster

After the first Sonic the Hedgehog movie took a rocky path to theaters that involved a complete redesign of the title character, this week’s Sonic the Hedgehog 2 has had smooth sailing by comparison.

Ben Schwatrz returns as the voice of Sonic, the speedy blue talking hedgehog that crashed into our world after escaping his own dimension. Now firmly established in his new life with Tom and Maddie Wachowski (James Marsden and Tika Sumpter, respectively). When Tom and Maddie leave Sonic on his own while they attend a wedding, the scheming Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and Knuckles the Echidna (voiced by Idris Elba) try to get Sonic to reveal the location of a MacGuffin that will give them massive power. Colleen O’Shaughnessey provides the voice of Tails, a fox who helps Sonic evade danger.

Jeff Fowler returns to direct the sequel, which pulls story elements from some of the classic Sonic video games. Let’s take a look at how Paramount’s marketing campaign has gone.

announcement and casting

Paramount announced the movie, as well as its release date, in February of last year. Elba was cast as Knuckles to the delight of the entire internet in August.

The rest of the cast from the original announced they would return for this sequel – and likely others in the future – over the course of the year.

the marketing campaign

Things kicked off on the marketing front in December of 2021 when the first poster came out. It’s the usual brightly-colored mash-up of various images, but the message being sent to the audience is that Sonic and Robotnik in particular are back and that Tails will be a big part of the story, paying off on the teaser included at the end of the first movie.

The first trailer (33.3m YouTube views) was released at the same time. As it opens we see Sonic has been trying to fashion himself into a crime-fighting vigilante, with mixed results. When Robotnik returns he may have the chance to really make a difference and will get some help from the arrival of Tails. But Knuckles has other ideas.

That trailer debuted during The Game Awards and was introduced by Carrey and Schwartz.

Later in December Paramount shared a Sonic-themed hour-long Yule Log video to help you pass the time during the holidays.

In February IGN announced the movie would screen during Fan Fest.

One of the first TV spots for the movie was released in early February as well. It largely contains footage seen in the trailer and is focused on introducing Knuckles, but it’s also sports-themed, which makes sense given it came out during the Winter Olympics. Another spot even has Sonic name-dropping snowboarder Shaun White.

On a similar front, multiple commercials that were also tied to the ideas of competition and teams aired during the Super Bowl.

already planning ahead…

At this point (mid-February), Paramount made it clear the studio had plans for the future of the Sonic IP. That affirmation came in the form of an announcement that not only was a third feature film already in development but that Elba would return to voice Knuckles in a new series streaming exclusively on Paramount+ and loosely scheduled to debut in 2023.

back to the marketing campaign

Meanwhile, the selling of this installment continued with the release of a new poster that has lots going on, with most of the animated and human major characters arranged in a design that’s split between red and blue to highlight the showdown between Sonic and Knuckles.

Fowler, Carrey, Elba and others appeared virtually at IGN Fan Fest to hype up the movie and talk about their characters.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all got their own turn in the spotlight with the release of a series of character posters.

Also on the poster front in early March was a 4DX-exclusive one-sheet showing Sonic racing across the water. That was followed by a new poster with Robotnik and Knuckles staring down Sonic and Tails.

Another TV commercial that positions the showdown in this movie as “the real March Madness” preceded the release of the “Fastest” trailer, which speeds footage past in just a second or so, and then the actual “Final” trailer (23.7m YouTube views). This one offers a little bit more in the way of story setup, showing how Sonic discovers Robotnik has come back and is working with Knuckles. It’s then up to the blue hedgehog to stop them before they can harness a power source to take over the world.

At the same time another poster encouraged fans to “Take it to the next level.” Another series of posters added some of the minor characters along with new ones for Sonic and Tails. Dolby, AMC Theaters and D-Box exclusive posters also came out around this time.

In late March Kid Cudi released his original song “Stars In the Sky” from the movie’s soundtrack with a video that mixes him in the studio with footage from the movie. Kudi as well as Schwartz were later announced as appearing at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Sonic encourages early audiences to not spoil the story for those seeing it later in a TV spot that seems more than a little ridiculous because what kind of plot points are there in a movie like this that are going to drastically impact how one enjoys it?

The first clip came out in late March and offers an extended look at the snowboard chase sequence between Sonic and Knuckles. Another shows the moment the two first meet as Robotnik announces his return.

A short featurette has Fowler and the cast talking about how things have been kicked up a notch for the sequel. Another has Elba and Schwartz talking about the introduction of Knuckles.

Schwartz promoted the movie when he appeared on “The Late Show” while Elba did likewise on “Kimmel”

Fila launched a Sonic-branded sneaker. Sonic, Knuckles and Tails were added to the popular Candy Crush mobile game.

O’Shaughnessey was interviewed finally taking the character of Tails to the big screen after she’d been voicing the character since 2014 in the “Sonic” TV series as well as in numerous video games since then.

At the beginning of April Dr. Robotnik took over the movie’s Twitter account to promote a mobile AR app that let people add his outrageous mustache and big glasses to their picture. A whole lot of those selfies people shared were then amplified by the account over the next week.

There were exclusive cast and crew interviews from AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas and other distributors. Cinemark announced those attending early screenings would get a free Sonic comic book with an exclusive new cover.

Most of the cast and crew came out for the blue carpet premiere of the movie. Another event was held in L.A. a couple days later.

Tom tries to get a ring to help Sonic in the next clip from early April.

referencing other movies

There’s a whole aspect to the campaign that’s been woven in but which exists largely outside of the rest of the marketing efforts.

That component has involved timely and blatant references to other movies that have come out while the campaign has been running.

One of the first was a call out to Spider-Man: No Way Home with a reference to multi-dimensional portals.

Then there were a few references to Matrix Resurrections, changing red/blue pills to red/blue quills, which works out nicely since that ties into the Sonic/Knuckles rivalry here.

Finally, the whole “Blue Justice” thing overtly references The Batman.

These are all fun, and they got a lot of attention as they were released, but they also wind up distracting slightly from the rest of the campaign.

Less cynically, this kind of tactic illustrates how so much of the media has become self-referential and uses the hype of other things in order to establish relevancy and buzz.


Tracking projections indicate an opening weekend of about $50-54m, in part because this is the first “family” release since Sing 2 last December. And while early reviews were pretty positive, it settled in with a 67% critical rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

At the end of the day the campaign, whatever it has or hasn’t done well, has succeeded largely simply by existing and letting people know the movie is on its way.

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An Acceptable Loss – Marketing Recap

an acceptable loss posterJamie Lee Curtis, currently riding high in the wake of the recent Halloween sequel, stars this week in An Acceptable Loss. In the movie she plays Rachel Burke, a mysterious and powerful politician who, along with her partner Adrian (Jeff Hephner), set out to intimidate former security expert Elizabeth Lamm (Tika Sumpter).

Burke wants to keep Lamm from sharing what she knows about a controversial action they took years before that had the potential to end a significant part of the war on terrorism but which resulted in the deaths of thousands. Burke knows it will be the end of her and her influence if Lamm testifies, something that could have drastic repercussions for the entire country.

The Posters

“The truth is a moving target” reads the one-sheet, which shows Curtis, Sumpter and costar Ben Tavassoli in a montage of photos that’s intended to convey the tension between the three characters. So you see Curtis looking like she’s annoyed at having to testify in some manner while Sumpter, in addition to the big photo placed in the background, is shown with a gun pointed to fend off danger. It’s nicely laid out but still seems like the poster for any generic low-budget thriller.

The Trailers

You get a good sense of the story by watching the trailer. In it we see how Lamm was once the loyal second to Burke, helping to approve a controversial plan to bomb what’s viewed to be an important enemy target. Then the story cuts to years later when Lamm has left government service, disturbed by the truth behind what she’s done. When Martin (Tavassoli) tracks her down to confront her, Lamm’s conscience kicks in and she starts to think about coming clean. Burke isn’t thrilled about that and it leads to Lamm going on the run, chased by those who want her to keep her silence.

It’s a bit by the numbers, but Sumpter in particular looks like she delivers a solid performance here.

Online and Social

IFC Films offers the usual mix of basic information – the trailer, poster, synopsis and cast list – on its page for the film. It also promoted the title on its brand social channels.

Advertising and Cross-Promotions

Nothing I’ve seen or become aware of here.

Media and Publicity

The movie was scheduled to premiere at the Chicago Film Festival, with IFC Films picking it up just as that event started and just as Curtis was white-hot with the Halloween sequel in theaters. The continued attention paid to that movie kind of overshadowed this one, with most of the limited press Curtis did being turned into opportunities for the press to ask her more about what might be coming in that franchise.


It’s a pretty by-the-numbers story that’s displayed here but it’s presented fairly well, with an emphasis on the drama of Lamm and Burke, once close colleagues, not finding themselves on opposite sides of the conversation. There’s nothing overly unique or engaging about the campaign, but it could benefit from the extra attention Curtis brings with it at the moment.