The Leisure Seeker – Marketing Recap

leisure seeker poster 1Two Hollywood giants coming together on the big screen is always a treat and that’s what we’re getting this week with the release of The Leisure Seeker. Helen Mirren plays Ella Spencer, a woman dealng with a lot of issues in her advanced years, including her own terminal cancer and the dementia and forgetfulness of her long-time husband John (Donald Sutherland). The two have been together forever and Ella is feeling confined by the reality of their circumstances and so decides to do something about it.

Defying the advice and wishes of both medical professionals and concerned grown adult children, the two set off on one last trip in their RV, nicknamed The Leisure Seeker. Their destination is Ernest Hemingway’s home in Key West, FL, chosen because of John’s love of literature. Along the way, they get into awkward situations and have to deal with problems that come up, but the trip is a final act of stubborn freedom before Ella is gone physically and John is gone mentally.

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