Please Stand By – Marketing Recap

please stand by posterWe’re in a cultural moment where it is OK to be unique and “unusual.” That makes the timing of the new film Please Stand By spot-on given its story, subject matter and characters. Dakota Fanning plays Wendy, an autistic young woman who loves Star Trek. So much so in fact she’s long been working on a Trek script of her own that she hopes to submit to a writing competition. But her circumstances, including the fact that she lives in a group home, make that difficult.

So, driven by one of the few things that gives her joy and comfort, she runs away and tries to make it to Los Angeles. As is often the cast with such movies there are misadventures and problems along the way, but she’s determined to get there. Meanwhile her therapist (Toni Collette) and sister (Alice Eve) are both trying to find her and make sure she’s safe.

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