Half Magic – Marketing Recap

half magic posterHeather Graham makes her feature directorial debut with this week’s Half Magic, which she also wrote and is starring in. Graham plays Honey, a frustrated mid-level executive at an entertainment company who has aspirations of writing her own story one day. Those dreams are thwarted by her boss (Chris D’Elia), who she’s also sleeping with. One day she attends a workshop to give women their power back and meets Candy (Stephanie Beatriz) and another woman (Angela Kinsey, whose character isn’t named anywhere I can find).

The three of them realize they’ve been wasting their time on useless men for too long and so decide to change their situations, offering each other support along the way. For all of them that means giving up some toxic relationships and approaching conflict with a new mindset, one that tells them they’re worth more than they’ve accepted before and are capable of anything.

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