Picking Up the Spare: Ant-Man and The Wasp, Teen Titans Go! and More

Ant-Man and The Wasp

Marvel released a new video promoting the movie-themed sponsorship of Girls Who Code, the popular tech-based educational program. It shows director Peyton Reed and others speaking to groups about the science of the story and how important a STEM-based education is.

There was also a new interview with Hannah John-Kamen where she talks in particular about working with Michelle Pfeiffer.

Deadpool 2

One of the stunts pulled at Comic-Con was a Chuck E. Cheese-esque animatronic band with Deadpool and a bunch of animals playing “9 to 5” and you can see a promotional video for the group’s tour here. The panel with Ryan Reynolds and other members of the cast was as offensive as you’d expect.

Another round of Deadpool-themed alternate Blu-ray covers for other Fox movies is coming, some of which were also handed out at Comic-Con.

The Equalizer 2

More from costar Ashton Sanders on what it was like to work with Denzel Washington and learn from the veteran actor.

The IMAX poster is much cooler than what was used more generally, showing just Washington’s torso with a tie that takes the shape of Lady Justice.

Teen Titans Go! To the Movies

The Regal Cinemas exclusive poster continues the meta theatrical theme by showing the Titans as well as a few other heroes – and Slade – sitting in the theater watching a movie.


Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal appeared together on “The Daily Show” to talk about creating the movie and what the story meant to them. They’re also interviewed here about how there’s a slight surge in the number of movies, including their own, set in the Bay Area.

Another TV spot that plays up the critical acclaim the movie has accumulated.

Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot

Another substantive feature interview with director Gus Van Sant here about how the film fits into his overall body of work.

Eighth Grade

Both director Bo Burnham and star Elsie Fisher have showed up on more late night talk shows, with Burnham appearing on “Seth Myers” and Fisher appearing on “Kimmel.”

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Lily James talks here about how she got an American accent down and how she studied Meryl Streep’s line readings from the first movie to mimic her speaking patterns as much as possible.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Lots more official featurettes have been released, including an IMAX Q&A with director Christopher McQuarrie, and character-specific profiles of Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill and Angela Bassett.

Bassett also joined Tom Cruise on “The Late Late Show” while Cavill popped up on “Kimmel” to talk about stunts and other aspects of making the movie. Meanwhile costar Vanessa Kirby, who wasn’t a huge part of the main campaign, was interviewed about the stunts (of course) and her decision to join the franchise.


Star Michael Pena stopped by “Colbert” but only got a plug for the movie in briefly at the end of the interview.

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Extinction – Marketing Recap

extinction posterNew to Netflix this week is the science fiction action drama Extinction. The movie stars Michael Pena as Peter and Lizzy Caplan as his wife Alice. She’s been very understanding recently as he has a series of episodes where he insists he sees mass carnage and destruction but can’t put a finger on what’s causing these visions or what they mean.

Their life – as well as the lives of everyone on the planet – are thrown into disarray when what appears to be an invading alien force arrives on Earth and begins wiping out the human population. Alice and Peter have to lead their daughter and others to whatever safety might exist, a goal that Peter may be uniquely suited to achieve.

The Posters

A small girl stands all by herself on an abandoned city street on the movie’s poster. Shown in the sky is an alien ship descending toward the ground which, when combined with the “We were not here first” copy, makes it clear we’re dealing with an alien invasion story of some sort.

The Trailers

Peter is a good guy who works hard for his family in the trailer but as we see he has recurring visions of destruction and violence he can’t shake and can’t explain. He’s convinced something bad is coming but no one believes him until they actually start coming. At that point he finds he can use his memories of those visions to help his family survive, navigating the worst parts of what’s happening by remembering what he’s already seen.

It’s a decent spot, though I call foul on the underuse of both Pena and Caplan. They both seem to turn in fine performances – they’re incapable of doing otherwise – but are also capable of much more than this.

Online and Social

I don’t see any official web or social presence for the movie.

Advertising and Cross-Promotions

No advertising has been done that I’ve seen or am aware of. Netflix will occasionally run retargeted ads, though, and the company has offered at least a couple prompts for me to add it to my list, either through email or when I’m logged into the site.

Media and Publicity

While the movie had sort of been floating in the background for a while the news Netflix had picked it up from Universal, who had recently pulled it from their release schedule, got lots of people talking. That’s largely because it came just days after the whole Cloverfield Paradox surprise release, so the narrative of Netflix purchasing difficult sci-fi movies was ripe in everyone’s mind.


Here’s hoping there’s more to the movie than what’s on display in the campaign. It’s fine and looks like a perfectly decent mid-tier science fiction movie, which is why Universal abandoned it (no singularly identifiable hook) and Netflix picked it up. It’s likely made its way into the lists of quite a few subscribers, who will eventually check it out while doing other things.


Star Michael Pena stopped by “Colbert” but only got a plug for the movie in briefly at the end of the interview.