Picking Up the Spare – Duck Butter, Tully and More

Duck Butter

An interview with Shawkat here that touches on the story she wanted to tell in the movie and how it’s part of a trend of films that make the drama in queer and other non-hetero relationships absolutely normal and not at all out of the ordinary or especially overwrought.


Charlize Theron talks here about how she got involved in the film and what it was like adjusting to the role, including the physical demands it necessitated.

Writer Diablo Cody spoke more here about how her own experiences with motherhood helped her craft the story in a real and relatable way.

Both of the ladies were interviewed here about how they wanted to tell a more realistic story of motherhood than most movies portray.

Avengers: Infinity War

Tessa Thompson, who played Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, poked fun at that character’s absence in Infinity War on Twitter.

Digital outdoor ads at New York City bus stops, though an integration with Moviefone, offered those waiting for their ride showtimes at nearby theaters.


Derbez and Faris both spoke about how they approached the movie, him as someone eager for an opportunity to play a role different from what he’s usually offered and her as someone reluctant to infringe on the memory of the original.

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Duck Butter – Marketing Recap

duck butter posterWhen Sergio (Laia Costa) and Niama (Alia Shawkat) in the new movie Duck Butter they hit it off very quickly. Each, though, is dissatisfied with the state of dating and is tired of relationship BS and doesn’t really want to go through all that nonsense again, feeling like it only leads to something half-hearted. They want the passion, not the fake niceties.

So they decide to partake in an experiment: They’re going to spend 24 hours in their own little bubble to break past the facades that are usually erected and start their relationship off on a “real” note, if such a thing is possible. If it turns out they can’t hack it, they call it quits. If they can, they keep things going.

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