Bad Times at the El Royale – Marketing Recap

Bad Time at the El Royale, the new movie from writer/director Drew Goddard, appears to very much be my jam. That’s because, as I state in my Hollywood Reporter-hosted recap of the film’s marketing, it looks like a throwback to the kind of ensemble thrillers that were vervasive in the early and mid-90s, when I was cutting my cinematic teeth.

Online and Social

The movie’s website is primarily interested in selling you tickets, but it also has a collection of trailers and other “Videos” as well as a synopsis and gallery of images. At the bottom of the page are links to the movie’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

Media and Publicity

The movie was one of those Fox showed off to exhibitors and press at the annual CinemaCon conference. Goddard offered a few comments alongside a first look photo.

There was an extensive profile of Hemsworth in mid-August that featured the actor not only talking about this film but also his career to date, which generated quite a number of headlines. Costar Cynthia Erivo also spoke about how this marked one of a couple film projects she had coming out this fall and how she’s making the shift from the theater stage to more film roles.

Bridges hit the talk show circuit in late September, just as Fantastic Fest reviews were hitting. A bit later Fanning followed suit.

It later was scheduled for the Rome Film Festival. There was also a new focus in the publicity on Erivo, who was also being noticed in a couple other current and upcoming movies.

Goddard, as a fairly well-known name in the industry, was the subject of a couple interviews where he talked about making what feels like a throwback to 25 years ago, working with the ensemble cast and more.


chris hemsworth bad times el royale dancing

Picking Up The Spare

Goddard talks here about the work he put into assembling the film’s era-appropriate soundtrack and here about getting the affably likable Chris Hemsworth to tap into a dark side.

Another profile of breakout star Cynthia Erivo here.

Please Stand By – Marketing Recap

please stand by posterWe’re in a cultural moment where it is OK to be unique and “unusual.” That makes the timing of the new film Please Stand By spot-on given its story, subject matter and characters. Dakota Fanning plays Wendy, an autistic young woman who loves Star Trek. So much so in fact she’s long been working on a Trek script of her own that she hopes to submit to a writing competition. But her circumstances, including the fact that she lives in a group home, make that difficult.

So, driven by one of the few things that gives her joy and comfort, she runs away and tries to make it to Los Angeles. As is often the cast with such movies there are misadventures and problems along the way, but she’s determined to get there. Meanwhile her therapist (Toni Collette) and sister (Alice Eve) are both trying to find her and make sure she’s safe.

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