Bullitt – Flashback Marketing

Yesterday at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford Motor Company made news in both the auto and film press when it announced the 2019 Mustang Bullitt, a new take on the 1968 Mustang Fastback that plays as much of a starring role in the movie Bullitt as Steven McQueen. Here’s the description of the car, via USA Today:

The special model, due out this summer, will be available only in Shadow Black or Dark Highland Green. It has a 5-liter V-8 engine that packs at least 475 horsepower and tops out at 163 miles per hour – an 8 mph increase over the latest Mustang GT.

mustang bullitt 2018

I want to go to there. I was raised a Chevy Guy, but the Mustang is the one Ford make deemed acceptable to cross religious affiliation lines for.

The news – including the fact that the release of the new model is timed for the 50th anniversary of the film – is enough of an excuse to spend some time looking back at Bullitt’s marketing, especially with an eye on how big a role the car played in that campaign.

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