Super Troopers 2 – Marketing Recap

super troopers 2 poster 22001’s Super Troopers is a legitimate comedy classic. It has a ton of quotable lines, the Broken Lizard troupe that wrote, acted in and directed it are all 100% committed to the insanity going on and, like Caddyshack, contains enough gags-per-minute to make you overlook the threadbare and utterly ridiculous and implausible story. The $18m in box-office revenue it brought in was respectable and sufficient to keep the team working on other films but not high enough to make a sequel a sure thing.

Thanks to a fundraising campaign, though, Super Troopers 2 is about to hit theaters. All the original troopers are back in a story about how a border dispute between the U.S. and Canada puts a small Canadian town under U.S. control, with the members of the Vermont Highway Patrol taking over law enforcement there. Of course since they’re more concerned with getting high and pulling pranks, hijinks ensue. So the question is, is there anything new the Broken Lizard team has to say. Also, will this movie in any way address how the first one is, in retrospect, filled with sexual harassment and police abuse “comedy?”

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Super Troopers 2 Teaser Trailer

There’s not a whole lot going on in this first teaser trailer for Super Troopers 2, other than to make it clear to the audience that these familiar characters are returning for even more shenanigans. It’s clear that the team is still together and still torturing Rabbit, even though he’s long past being a rookie. It’s clear that everyone still revels in pulling pranks on Larva.

The only hints as to this movie’s new story come at the end when we see Mac and Foster in full Canadian Mounted Police gear, but even then it’s presented in the context of a call back to the famous “Cat Game” scene from the first movie.

That being said, it’s exactly what was likely needed for this first effort, showing fans that while time has passed, things haven’t changed all that much. Thorny and his crew are still more interested in hijinks and having fun than anything else, which was the whole point of the first movie.