Picking Up the Spare – Blockers, Lean on Pete, A Quiet Place and More

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There have been a few profiles of Abbi Jacobson in the wake of the movie’s release, most of which focus on how different this is from “Broad City,” which she’s most widely known for and her first real dramatic role.


Similarly, director Kay Cannon has received lots of additional press, including lots of takes like this and this that focus on how it’s the latest in an emerging trend of movies that include a gay romance that’s treated as if it’s no big deal and just as normal and traumatizing as a hetero love interest storyline.

There’s also this profile of Kathryn Newton, who plays one of the girls in the movie who’s part of the sex pact and who has been in a number of high-profile films and series in the last year or so.

Lean on Pete

Star Charlie Plummer was interviewed here about all aspects of the movie, from being cast in the role to the kind of story he and the others were trying to tell to working with the horse he stars alongside.

A Quiet Place

In addition to a few more features about how married costars John Krasinksi and Emily Blunt worked together for the first time there was also Krasinski in his role as director talking about how he pushed to cast a deaf actress, specifically Millicent Simmonds.


More interviews popped as the movie neared release, including chats with Rosamund Pike and director Tony Gilroy.

I’ve also begun seeing a lot more online ads for the movie, most of which use the key art of Hamm in sunglasses with Pike behind him. There’s likely a lot of retargeting going on as a result of my visiting the movie’s website.

Come Sunday

Lakeith Stanfield talks here about prepping for the role of a church musician in the movie.

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Capsule Netflix Marketing Recaps – Sun Dogs, Happy Anniversary, First Match and More

One of the problems with Netflix’s marketing tactics is that they’re not super-consistent. Sometimes movies get decent campaigns that last at least a month or two. Other times a trailer drops three days after the movie has already hit the streaming service. That means it’s hard for me to plug recaps into my blog editorial calendar and I occasionally just completely miss them. Or I put them to the side to cover other things and find oh, the movie was released three weeks ago.

Because there were a number of smaller-scale campaigns that have been run for recent movies that I 100% dropped the ball on I wanted to at least pay them some small amount of attention in these capsule recaps. Not sure if this is going to become an ongoing feature, but it’s what I’m doing today…

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