I have a special affinity for the department store concept. Or at least I did, before I embraced the idea of not buying unnecessary items (either out of choice or lack of financial resources) and the big-box stores removed all the personality… Read More

In what I can only call an unqualified failure on my part, I missed this past Monday’s prominence as the anniversary of the birth of the late, great Groucho Marx. The comedian would have turned 127. If he were alive that milestone… Read More

This Newsweek story has been making the rounds over the course of the past week or so. It is, by my count, the 734th story regarding the lack of classic films available on Netflix and other streaming services. That minimal offering is… Read More

The first time I went to see Wonder Woman was about three weeks ago. I sat in the theater with my jaw dropped almost the entirety of the movie. I could not believe that a comic book property was being taken so seriously,… Read More