There have been few endings to superhero movies that have left me as anxious and eager to see more than the final moments of X-2: X-Men United. Throughout the movie Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) had been hinting at feeling as if she… Read More

While promoting I, Tonya, star Margot Robbie has also hinted at there being a lot of Harley Quinn stories in our cinematic future. Specifically, she said there’s a separate movie she’s developing that would be in addition to 1) the Suicide Squad… Read More

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When Even Aquaman Shouting “My man!” Can’t Save a Movie Justice League should have been a slam-dunk. Just days before it was released projections had it earning somewhere around $110 million in its opening weekend. That would have been decent, more than… Read More

One of the frequent criticisms leveled against Hollywood is that it’s obsessed with existing properties. It parades an endless series of adaptations, sequels and other derivative material to the audience in the hopes that familiarity with the originals or the source material… Read More

I’m by no means an apologist for stupid corporate decisions. When a company or brand does something wrong their motives and actions should be questioned in the hope it changes course. It’s why I was heartened to see the quick turnaround on… Read More

Streaming providers haven’t cracked the feature franchise code just yet.  News broke last week that Amazon was reportedly considering a “Game of Thrones” type series based on The Lord of the Rings. That’s exactly what Amazon Studios has been looking for as… Read More

I get why DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. would want to get a solo Deathstroke movie going. I do. He’s male, a “gritty” character and an anti-hero who’s often put in the role of the villain but who has his own moral… Read More

In a long string of bad ideas, it’s hard to imagine something more out of touch and harmful to the health of movies as both an industry and art form than Regal Cinemas’ plans to vary pricing for different movies. Since reading… Read More