Last week’s news that MoviePass, the subscription model movie ticketing service, gave me flashbacks to the 2000 acquisition of Time Warner by AOL. While AOL was by no means a young company at that point, not nearly as young as MoviePass anyway,… Read More

While everyone has been focused on one international trade war – the one that seems specifically designed to do maximum harm to U.S. farmers and manufacturers – another spat has finally reached a conclusion. After a week or so of threats and… Read More

There’s a good point in this Quartz piece, that it’s not only common but necessary for entertainment properties to be multimedia. In addition to a play, you need a book. In addition to an album, you need a blog. Whatever the core… Read More

I’m not opposed to the idea, as floated by director Steven Spielberg, of a woman taking on the fedora of Indiana Jones. This doesn’t sound like a gender-swapped reboot of the character after Harrison Ford takes the character out for one last… Read More

It’s been used when discussing the upcoming reboot/sequel for 9 To 5. It’s been used when describing new and recent movies like Flower, Unsane and Half Magic. It’s been used when discussing developments regarding a potential Batgirl movie. It’s been used when… Read More

Reading the news about new casting on the eve of production on Captain Marvel included this post by Graeme McMillan about the possibility of the movie “reverse engineering” the Kree-Skrull War, a pivotal comics moment that has some connection to Carol Danvers,… Read More

Last week I saw someone had started a GoFundMe to raise money to buy tickets so underprivileged kids could go see Avengers: Infinity War when it opens a month from now. That’s just the latest such effort, with other recent examples including… Read More

A while ago, in the wake of news that the Vertigo Comics series The Kitchen was being adapted into a feature film I came up with a list of five other Vertigo properties I thought would make compelling and popular movies. There… Read More

In a few of the reviews I’ve read for The Outsider, a movie starring Jared Leto that involves something about the Yakuza, the writer has used words like “forgettable,” “mediocre” and the like. I’ll be honest, I never even got around to… Read More

On two separate occasions, writer/director Marielle Heller has asked the audience not to think of her upcoming projects as “biopics.” Once when discussing You Are My Friend, the movie she’s making with Tom Hanks about the life of Fred Rogers. Once when… Read More