I fell in love with Glengarry Glen Ross pretty quickly. It was my first exposure to David Mamet’s writing, hitting me at a time when I was seriously getting into film and beginning to notice the creators behind movies I was enjoying…. Read More

1992’s The Last of the Mohicans was the first Michael Mann movie I saw, introducing me to the world of the director’s stylized visuals. Today marks the film’s 25th anniversary and so we’re jumping in the Wayback Machine a bit early to… Read More

Tomorrow is Batman Day, the day DC Entertainment established in 2014 as part of the company’s celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary. [extreme tim curry in clue voice] I know because I was there. The day has persisted over the years because…well…he’s Batman…. Read More

The title character of Rebecca is a major presence throughout Alfred Hitchcock’s gothic romance but is never seen on-screen. At least not alive. She haunts everything, though, particularly the life of the woman (Joan Fontaine) who has married her former husband Maxim… Read More

Sony Pictures is celebrating the 40th anniversary of a modern science-fiction classic as it rereleases Close Encounters of the Third Kind to theaters this weekend. The movie, director Steven Spielberg’s follow-up to his breakout film Jaws, tells two stories that eventually converge…. Read More

Later this week Terminator 2: Judgement Day returns to select AMC Theaters locations, a re-release to mark and celebrate a new 4K 3D restoration of the film that was supervised by director James Cameron, taking time away from working on the seven… Read More

It’s been 40 years today since the death of Elvis Presley to mark the occasion we’re going to look back at the trailers for just some of the movies he starred in as he worked to leverage his success with music into… Read More

Back in 1992 comedies were still being written and marketed for adults, not just for kids and teenagers. That allowed for something like Stay Tuned to be produced that was definitely meant to appeal to an older audience. So with the movie… Read More

Today’s multiplex is filled with sequels to movies that last graced theater screens a decade or more earlier. These “legasequels” or whatever you might want to call them are an attempt by studios to revive dormant IP, hoping that people will be… Read More

Earlier this year the internet celebrated the 20th anniversary of the series debut of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.” The show, created by Joss Whedon, broke quite a bit of new ground for mainstream television. It reversed the usual horror dynamic by positioning… Read More