Love. Wedding. Repeat. – Marketing Recap

How Netflix is selling a romantic comedy about wedding awkwardness.

love wedding repeat poster

Weddings are meant to be happy affairs, but are actually powderkegs of emotions. It’s a lot of people who either don’t know everyone or who come with grudges against various other attendees wearing uncomfortable clothes for a long period of time and being pressured into acting happy. They’re fertile ground for crazy behavior and regrets.

That very scenario is in place in Netflix’s new original feature Love. Wedding. Repeat. The bride is Hayley (Eleanor Tomlinson) and her brother Jack (Sam Claflin) is determined to do everything he can to make it special for her. Those intentions are thrown off course with the arrival of not just his disgruntled ex-girlfriend Amanda (Freida Pinto) but also Dina (Olivia Munn), the girl he has been dreaming of since she slipped away from him years ago. Added to the mix are other members of the wedding party who will add their own problems, including Marc (Jack Farthing), who wants to take the occasion to tell Hayley he’s in love with her.

Netflix’s campaign has sold it as a light, airy comedy that isn’t overly concerned with logic but just wants to sell the laughs and promise audiences a care-free good time.

The Posters

There’s an interesting graphical division on the one poster (by marketing agency Canyon Design Group). The bottom two-thirds show the main characters, all looking relatively normal, though some appear a bit more mussed or discombobulated than would be expected, even at a wedding. At the top, though, is the bottom one-third of the photo, which shows the broken dishes, discarded flowers and other detritus of an event that has clearly seen some chaos unfold. That portion of the image is that answer to the question included in the copy “One wedding. One simply plan. What could possibly go wrong?”

The Trailers

The first trailer (2.5 million views on YouTube) was released in early April and immediately makes it clear we’re in for a farce involving complicated relationships, awkward encounters and potentially drugging the wrong person’s drink, all over the course of a single wedding day. The story centers on Jack, who is trying to juggle everything needed to give his sister the best day of her life, but who finds himself having to manage all manner of problems – including the reappearance of Dina – on top of the usual issues. It’s lighthearted and funny, selling a comedy filled with people doing exactly the wrong thing and being flustered by it.

Online and Social

Looks like the movie has received minimal support on some of Netflix’s brand social channels, but that’s about it.

Advertising and Cross-Promotions

Rights to the film were picked up by Netflix during the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where the production team was selling it while it was still in production.

There doesn’t appear to have been any paid promotions recently, and any events Netflix may have had planned have likely been scrapped because of public health concerns.

Media and Publicity

Nothing of note here, at least not at the moment.


It’s not a massive campaign, but it sells the movie in an effective manner, positioning it as the lightest of entertainment confectionaries. Flustered characters, accidental drugging of drinks, comedically heated emotions…it’s all there in a bright pastel basket, just waiting for the audience to take a bite.

Netflix not making a slightly bigger deal about the movie seems like a mistake. No, it’s not “prestige” on any level, but at the moment people could probably use a bit of contrived, low-stakes entertainment given the tragic news hitting us every moment of every day. Putting a little more gas behind it could have driven attention and awareness, offering a pleasant distraction with some charming actors.

Picking Up the Spare

Munn was interviewed about shooting the movie on location and more here


Author: Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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