The Invisible Man – Marketing Recap

You can read my full recap of the marketing campaign for The Invisible Man at The Hollywood Reporter.

Online and Social

You see the same “He’s standing right behind you” vanishing artwork used in motion form on the movie’s official website. That’s the most interesting thing about the site, though, as it only has minimal content and no other features to speak of.

Media and Press

Comments about the story from Whannell accompanied a first look photo that came out in early November just before the release of the first trailer.

Things went largely quiet until just before release. As that approached there were interviews about how how director Leigh Whannell and Moss worked to update the story to make it relevant to modern times and how the production and costume teams made the most of the limited budget to increase the tension. Those topics were covered again at the movie’s premiere while Jason Blum made the overt connection to the empowerment of the #MeToo movement.

Whannel was very much the focus of a good amount of the press, commenting on how he stopped Universal from spoiling any more of the story in its marketing and how modernizing the story meant making the monsters less mythical and more realistic.

In an Esquire interview, Moss revealed Whannel actively sought her input on the script to make sure the female perspective on what happened in the story was accurate and didn’t overlook anything. Moss later appeared on “The Tonight Show” to talk about the film and lots more.

Universal released a fun “prank” video featuring Moss and Jackson-Cohen a few days ago.


Much different vibe than what’s on display here.

James Whale GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Picking Up The Spare

Moss admitted on late night that she may have overdone it when she offered to do her own stunts in the movie.

How the production achieved a slick look on a limited budget as well as how he ignored test screening feedback was covered in this interview with Whannel. Also on the production front, the creation of the invisibility suit was the subject of this interview with designer Alex Holmes.

Jackson-Cohen talked about his character and how he got involved with the project here.

Interesting theory from producer Jason Blum that competition from streaming is what causes traditional studios to spoil so much of their movies in the marketing.

Another profile of Moss had her talking about the early on-demand release and more.

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