Terminator: Dark Fate – Marketing Recap

You can read my entire recap of the marketing campaign for Terminator: Dark Fate at The Hollywood Reporter.

Online and Social

The lack of content on the movie’s official site exemplifies how little attention studios are paying to owned web properties in recent years. There are ample opportunities afforded by the Terminator franchise to offer interactive timelines, recaps of the story so far that include clips from (and links to purchase) the first two movies and much more. Only including a “Synopsis” and “Videos” section – there aren’t even stills – indicates no one cares about putting any effort into movie sites, despite their long-term advantages.

Media and Press

A bit later, while promoting other smaller movies, Davis spoke briefly about how this was the biggest production she’d worked on to date.

Just before SDCC kicked off, Miller was interviewed about how he approached making the movie and how he felt audiences would react to the characters and story. EW’s annual Comic-Con issue included comments from Hamilton about why she chose now to return to the character and what it was like to reunite with Schwarzenegger, Miller introducing the requisite new Terminator models,

At the same time the official trailer was released, a feature profile of Hamilton ran telling the story of how she abandoned Hollywood years ago, shortly after Hollywood abandoned her. Miller’s work in recruiting her to return to the series involved him making the case she would be alright getting back into the business. The biggest takeaway from the story is that the actress gives zero cares about what anyone else thinks and is unwilling to do anything by half measures.

Hamilton and Davis sat down for a joint interview where they talked about their admiration for each other and what it was like to work together. Schwarzenegger appeared on “Kimmel” to talk about the movie and returning once more to one of his most familiar characters. Hamilton also appeared on that show to talk about her long-awaited return to the series.


Picking Up the Spare

Lots more talk show appearances by the cast, with Hamilton, Davis and Reyes all showing up on “Kimmel.”

Additional profiles also popped of Hamilton, Davis, Reyes and Luna, while AMC was given an exclusive interview with Hamilton and Schwarzenegger.

Paramount’s extensive mural campaign was the subject of a featurette that showed where they were appearing and who the artists behind them were.

Dave & Buster’s launched “Terminator: Guardian of Fate,” a new VR experience featuring the voice of Hamilton and a story tying into the film.

Miller addressed the movie’s failure at the box office as well as the creative conflicts he had with Cameron and others during production and editing.


Author: Chris Thilk

Chris Thilk is a freelance writer and content strategist with over 15 years of experience in online strategy and content marketing. He lives in the Chicago suburbs.

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