Shazam – Marketing Recap

My full recap of the marketing for Shazam! Is up at The Hollywood Reporter.

Online and Social

In addition to the usual trailers, synopsis and more the movie’s official website prominently features a “Shop” link at the top opening a section where you can buy apparel, action figures and more. There are also links to the official Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Media and Publicity

There was all sorts of coverage before the movie ever went into production, mostly from Johnson as he tried to seemingly force it into existence by sheer force of will. Oddly, it was in this pre-production phase that reports circulated a Black Adam solo movie was being greenlit.

Just before San Diego Comic-Con 2017, DC’s Geoff Johns announced Johnson would not be appearing here but was still attached to a solo Black Adam story, explained here, that was yet to be officially announced. Several months later Levi was announced as the titular hero, at least in his adult form.

For the second year in a row a major story hit in advance of Comic-Con. In early July of last year a first-look at Levi in costume as the hero was released along with comments from director David Sandberg about how that costume was designed and more. A second photo came out shortly thereafter. EW also put Levi, in costume, on the cover of its special Comic-Con issue, which included the first photo of a young Billy Batson and comments from the producer on the hero’s potential crossovers with other characters.

In early December Johns was interviewed about both the movie and the Shazam comic series that launched at that time, as well as his general love of the character and how he’s excited to see it back in the spotlight. Around the same time Levi, while promoting another project, also spoke about the tone of the film as well as his work to bulk up for the role and offered his thoughts on a Shazam/Black Adam fight. Another interview with him allowed the actor to talk about his long love of comics.

A big interview with Levi and other members of the cast talked about their experiences bringing the hero to life and making the story so much fun. Sandberg also spoke about the process that went into Levi’s casting while the actor told some funny stories when he appeared on “The Late Show.”

IMAX released one more promotional video with Levi and Angel encouraging people to see it in that format.


shazam gifPicking Up the Spare

The hero is getting his own DLC for the LEGO DC Super-Villains game.

Levi continued to be interviewed about taking on a super hero role and more.


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