The LEGO Movie: The Second Part – Marketing Recap

The bulk of my marketing recap for The LEGO Movie: The Second Part can be found at The Hollywood Reporter, with the rest below.

Online and Social

You get the second trailer playing as soon as the official website loads. After that finishes or is closed the landing page plays music from the soundtrack (which can be muted) and offers a rotating series of prompts to play games and engage in other activities along with links to the official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The menu on the left first offers you a complete list of the “Fun & Games” available, including some activity sheets to download along with games to play online or buy for playing at home. “Characters” lets you click on each character to open up a short video snippet of them in action.

Both trailers as well as the holiday video are available in the “Videos” section while a brief synopsis can be found in “Story.” Aside from information about release dates, the site finishes off with links to the movie’s promotional “Partners.”

Media and Publicity

With all eyes on her because of a well-reviewed documentary and a feature film starring Felicity Jones as her, Warner Bros. seized the opportunity in mid-January to reveal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would appear in the movie in minifig form.

Pratt, Banks, Arnett and others from the cast made the talk show rounds to engage in various hijinks and stunts as well as to talk up the movie in general.

One of the key elements of both movies is the way characters from franchises owned by other companies come together, a process that’s explained here.


lego movie spaceship

Picking Up the Spare

Pratt finally got in the publicity game, appearing on “The Late Show” to talk about the movie as well as other matters.


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