Month: February 2018

Picking Up the Spare – Black Panther, Half Magic and More

Black Panther Whole-heartedly agree with Owen Gleiberman at Variety when he says Black Panther’s massive success (especially combined with Girls Trip, Get Out and more) should be a clear sign to middle-aged white male Hollywood executives that they’re no longer the sole… Read More

The Cured – Marketing Recap

The new movie The Cured takes place in a world that’s been ravaged by an outbreak of a disease that turned people into murderous zombies. That may sound like a familiar premise, but the twist is that it’s set after that disease… Read More

Game Night – Marketing Recap

Game night in the suburbs, particularly amongst adults, is usually a pretty boring affair unless someone has a bit too much wine. In the new movie Game Night that’s usually the case as a group of friends regularly gets together to have… Read More

Black Panther and the Current State of Science Fiction Movie Marketing

It may seem like a rough patch, but it’s really the on-ramp to a new, inclusive reality This past weekend Black Panther broke all sorts of records, becoming 1) only the fifth film with a $200m+ opening frame, 2) the best February… Read More

Annihilation – Marketing Recap

After making quite a splash in the science-fiction world with Ex Machina, writer/director Alex Garland is back with Annihilation. Based on the novel of the same name by Jeff VanderMeer (the first in a trilogy of books), the story follows Lena (Natalie… Read More

Mute – Marketing Recap

Writer/director Duncan Jones made a big splash back in 2009 with Moon, his debut film starring Sam Rockwell as a solitary astronaut manning a moon base. Source Code was well received but not super-successful but Warcraft, his foray into big-budget fantasy, flopped… Read More

Here Are Five More Recent Vertigo Titles to Adapt After The Kitchen

News broke last week that “The Kitchen” is being adapted for the big screen by writer Andrea Berloff, who will also direct the movie. Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy are attached to star. “The Kitchen” was a 2015 eight-issue series from DC… Read More

Half Magic – Marketing Recap

Heather Graham makes her feature directorial debut with this week’s Half Magic, which she also wrote and is starring in. Graham plays Honey, a frustrated mid-level executive at an entertainment company who has aspirations of writing her own story one day. Those… Read More

Picking Up the Spare: A Futile and Stupid Gesture, Cloverfield Paradox and More

A Futile and Stupid Gesture While he was also promoting his upcoming Netflix show, Joel McHale also talked with Colbert about how he first worked with Chevy Chase on “Community” and then played Chase in the movie. The Cloverfield Paradox Netflix finally… Read More

Golden Exits – Marketing Recap

Emily Browning plays Naomi in Golden Exits, the new drama from writer/director Alex Ross Perry. Naomi has arrived in New York from Australia to work as a research assistant to Nick (Adam Horovitz). Her presence causes tension in the lives and relationship… Read More