Month: January 2018

Dundee Was Too Beautiful For This World

Two weeks ago the film and entertainment press gasped and clutched its collective pearls when a strange teaser video appeared out of the blue. As the camera pans across a lush landscape, captions tell us “This summer…a legend returns home.” Eventually we… Read More

Winchester – Marketing Recap

The great Helen Mirren takes a break from playing either royalty or assassins to take on the real-life role of Sarah Winchester, the widow of William Winchester, a member of the family responsible for the Winchester rifle, in the new movie (of… Read More

New to Home Video This Week: Professor Marston, The Square and More

Here’s a short list of this week’s new home video releases and how they were sold during their theatrical campaigns. Professor Marston and the Wonder Women I’m more than a little surprised this movie wasn’t a bigger hit. Perhaps it was just… Read More

Movie Marketing Is On the Cusp of Major Changes

As January 2018 winds down, the entertainment finds itself with a number of notable events happening. First, nominations for this year’s Academy Awards were just released. As usual, there were notable omissions, including Wonder Woman being snubbed. Thankfully there were also some… Read More

I Just Don’t Have An Oscars Nominations Opinion

After almost a week of consideration, my tradition of being able to conjure up any strong opinions regarding what has or has not been nominated for an Academy Award – or any other award – continues unabated, it seems. Don’t get me… Read More

Hidden Figures / Pharrell Williams – Soundtrack Sunday

(Ed Note: This is something I’ve been meaning to write for over a year. Better late than never?) “Heat” is a constant theme on the soundtrack for Hidden Figures, the 2015 movie about three black women working for NASA in the 1960s… Read More

Please Stand By – Marketing Recap

We’re in a cultural moment where it is OK to be unique and “unusual.” That makes the timing of the new film Please Stand By spot-on given its story, subject matter and characters. Dakota Fanning plays Wendy, an autistic young woman who… Read More

A Futile and Stupid Gesture – Marketing Recap

Comedy is such a generational thing, usually directly influencing at least two groups of people: Those old enough to enjoy it in the moment and those in the immediate next generation, who grow up watching, listening to or reading it. For my… Read More

New to Home Video This Week: Sacred Deer, Christoper Robin and More

Here’s a short list of this week’s new home video releases and how they were sold during their theatrical campaigns. The Killing of a Sacred Deer Writer/director Yorgos Lanthimos once again enlisted Colin Farrell in a movie that defied easy description and… Read More

Little Bitches – Marketing Recap

“Friends make a pact” is a premise you can turn in any number of directions, either as a drama or as a comedy. Taking the latter approach is this week’s small-scale release Little Bitches. In the movie Jennette McCurdy, Kiersey Clemons and… Read More