Month: December 2017

All The Money In the World – Marketing Recap

Based on a true story (one of many coming out in the last two weeks), All The Money In The World is about the responsibility of family, the cruelty of wealth and the love of a mother. Michelle Williams plays Gail Harris,… Read More

Molly’s Game – Marketing Recap

Aaron Sorkin is a polarizing figure in entertainment. His writing style, full of fast-paced, hyper-literate dialogue that barely fits on the page, has turned some people off. While he’s not everyone’s favorite and has some definite ticks and quirks throughout his work,… Read More

Phantom Thread – Marketing Recap

Phantom Thread is the new movie from writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, one that reunites him with his There Will Be Blood star Daniel Day-Lewis. In the movie, Day-Lewis plays Reynolds Woodcock, a dedicated, talented and widely respected dressmaker in 1950s London. A… Read More

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Flashback Marketing

Merry Christmas! Shitter was full! National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation arrived six years after the original Vacation and four years after the sequel European Vacation. The first movie, like Animal House in 1978, was the cinematic extension of the edgy, irreverent comedy brand… Read More

Picking Up The Spare: The Last Jedi, The Killing Of A Sacred Deer and More

Star Wars: The Last Jedi An outdoor campaign run in conjunction with Twitter rotated pictures from the movie and fan Tweets about it on giant billboards in Toronto and New York. There’s a game called “Porg Invasion” that can be played within… Read More

Father Figures – Marketing Recap

Owen Wilson and Ed Helms star in the new movie Father Figures as two brothers who one day get a rude surprise: Their mother Helen (Glenn Close) doesn’t actually know who their real father is and has been lying about it for… Read More

Hostiles – Marketing Recap

The new movie Hostiles takes the audience back to 1892 for a story about learning compassion for your fellow human being, no matter who they are or what your view of them might be. Christian Bale stars as Capt. Joseph J. Blocker,… Read More

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Marketing Recap

The premise of the first Jumanji was pretty simple: A man who’s been trapped in a board game for 26 years finally breaks loose and the kids who freed him have to stop the animals and other dangers that came out with… Read More

Pitch Perfect 3 – Marketing Recap

“We’re getting the band back together” seems to be the main focus of Pitch Perfect 3. After going their separate ways, the members of the Barden Bellas find that adulting is hard and nothing makes them feel as good as singing in… Read More

The Greatest Showman – Marketing Recap

It’s interesting timing that a movie telling the story of how P.T. Barnum began his famous (and sometimes infamous) American Museum comes the same year the circus that for 146 years bore his name shut down. The Greatest Showman sees Hugh Jackman… Read More