Month: October 2017

Can The Audience Possibly Support Netflix’s Release Plans?

Last week Netflix announced it planned – or at least intended – to release roughly 80 films in 2018. That’s a lot of movies. And the news was met with a collective gasp that the company was taking such an ambitious approach… Read More

Upcoming Film Adaptations, November 2017

What’s the story behind some of the movies hitting theaters this month? Last Flag Flying This emotional story of a grieving father and his old war buddies is not only based on a novel by author Daryl Ponicsan but a sequel to… Read More

Bad Moms Christmas – Marketing Recap

Having made a bigger-than-expected splash when they reclaimed the everyday, the three harried women at the heart of last year’s Bad Moms are back with A Bad Moms Christmas. Kiki (Kristen Bell), Amy (Mila Kunis) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn) are throwing off… Read More

There’s a Real Problem With Many Suburbicon Reviews

One of the consistent narratives coming out of the Toronto Film Festival screenings of Suburbicon was that director George Clooney “…is Not the Coen Brothers.” This perspective colored many a review and write-up and was mentioned frequently as one of the reasons… Read More

Last Flag Flying – Marketing Recap

The emotional trauma and bonds of brotherhood that results from experiences in war are explored in the new movie Last Flag Flying. Written and directed by Richard Linklater, the movie stars Steve Carell as a man who learns his son, who followed his… Read More

Picking up the Spare: Sacred Deer, Wonderstruck and More

The Killing of a Sacred Deer This profile of Colin Farrell frames the actors’ resurgence in the last 10 years to his embracing of small and quirky roles instead of the big-budget nonsense he was leaning toward pre-2006. Wonderstruck Another look here… Read More

Drinking Buddies – Flashback Marketing

If you’ve got a taste for a domestic cold one today, don’t be surprised. Today is National American Beer Day. For all the grief given to Hallmark and other companies for their made-up holidays designed to sell chocolates and cards, there doesn’t… Read More

The Square – Marketing Recap

Set in the world of high art, The Square hits theaters this week as a political and cultural statement just as much as the works on display in the story. Christian (Claes Bang) is the curator of a respected contemporary art museum… Read More

Don’t Think Twice (After the Campaign Movie Review)

In the marketing of Don’t Think Twice there was an emphasis on both explaining the concepts behind improv comedy and the idea that chasing your dreams is something that eventually has to come to an end. The movie, I was happy to… Read More

Suburbicon – Marketing Recap

George Clooney returns to the director’s chair with this week’s Suburbicon. He’s brought along his partner in crime Matt Damon, who stars as Gardner Lodge, a man trying to live a peaceful 1960s suburban life with his family. But the small town… Read More