Month: August 2017

Little Evil – Marketing Recap

Adam Scott plays Gary in the new Netflix-original movie Little Evil. Gary has just married Samantha (Evangeline Lilly), who he considers to be the woman of his dreams. And he has an instant family because she already has a young son named… Read More

I Do…Until I Don’t – Marketing Recap

Writer/director/star Lake Bell takes on the institution of marriage in her new movie I Do…Until I Don’t. Bell plays Alice, who’s been married to Noah (Ed Helms) for almost a decade and is wondering what the point is particularly as they mull… Read More

Celebrate Elliott Gould’s Birthday With These Four Essential Roles

Elliott Gould turns 79 today, providing as good a reason as any to revisit some of my favorite screen roles of his. Gould has had an interesting career. A frequent collaborator with director Robert Altman, Gould was often cast as the comedic,… Read More

Tulip Fever – Marketing Recap

We’ve had quite a few “women in corsets” type movies this year. Lady Macbeth, My Cousin Rachel, A Quiet Passion…all of them have not only featured elaborate period costuming but also to various degrees tales of forbidden passion being let loose. To… Read More

Super Troopers 2 Teaser Trailer

There’s not a whole lot going on in this first teaser trailer for Super Troopers 2, other than to make it clear to the audience that these familiar characters are returning for even more shenanigans. It’s clear that the team is still… Read More

It’s Back to the Askewniverse for Kevin Smith

After a couple (largely unsuccessful) forays into horror comedy, Kevin Smith is moving forward with production of what’s being called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, a belated sequel to 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which at the time was meant… Read More

Picking Up the Spare: Hidden Figures, What Happened to Monday, Patti Cake$

Catching up on recent marketing moves from films including Hidden Figures, Wind River and others.

Star Wars Embraces Augmented Reality for Force Friday II

The AR game around this year’s Star Wars consumer product release event shows how the tech can be a powerful brand touchpoint.

Early Digital Releases Could Impact Marketing Efforts

A recent report from Bloomberg hints that the patience of movie studios is running out, leading at least some to move forward with talks with Apple and others about digital rentals being available just weeks after theatrical release. Those studios are, it… Read More

How He Got Those Scars: DC/WB Prep Joker Origin Film

A bit of news that came out of the blue yesterday: Warner Bros. and DC Comics are reportedly actively working on a solo Joker movie that would focus on his origin. The movie is said to be directed by Todd Phillips, he… Read More