How my unexpected Wonder Woman experience made the movie that much better 


The first time I went to see Wonder Woman was about three weeks ago. I sat in the theater with my jaw dropped almost the entirety of the movie. I could not believe that a comic book property was being taken so seriously, being treated with such respect and made so well. Then, just as the breathtaking finale was about to start, as Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the world, disaster struck in the theater: the sound went out.

Of course, I was a bit disappointed, but not a whole lot. After all, I had still been able to see and hear nearly the entire film, and had still been able to see the action of Diana’s final, climactic battle with Ares. I knew I would see it again in one way or another, and figured that really, all I missed was some CGI punching and exploding. Boy was I wrong.

Naturally I went back to see it again in theaters a couple weeks later. After all, I thought it was a great film, and was excited to see it again. Catching the dialogue from the last 20 minutes would just be an added bonus. I sat, again, through the first couple hours of the film, loving it as much the second time around as I did the first. Then came the scene where the sound had gone out the first time I had seen the film. I have to admit, my heart started racing in the few seconds leading up to that particular moment, but I still didn’t think that anything particularly interesting would happen during that fight sequence. I’d seen dozens of cinematic superhero fights before. This one wouldn’t be all that different. Again, I was wrong.

What before was only Wonder Woman holding a tank over Isabel Maru was now a beautiful example of Diana’s compassion toward mankind. What once were random soldiers picking the wounded out of the rubble were now reflections of the goodness that lies within man. And what once was a simple shot of Diana walking out of the fire was now her short, simple, yet beautiful creed: “I believe in love.” This experience made a movie I already loved ten times better. It was, simply put, wonderful (pun intended).

Wonder Woman is on its way out of theaters, but is available for pre-order on DVD and digital.


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