Month: July 2017

Slanted Review: Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan is out to reinvigorate the war movie genre with his latest cinematic outing, Dunkirk. Anyone who has seen any Christopher Nolan film knows that he is never a straightforward director, and Dunkirk is no exception. While it is certainly more… Read More

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (25th Anniversary Marketing Flashback)

Earlier this year the internet celebrated the 20th anniversary of the series debut of “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.” The show, created by Joss Whedon, broke quite a bit of new ground for mainstream television. It reversed the usual horror dynamic by positioning… Read More

Wind River – Marketing Recap

After receiving critical and commercial acclaim for writing last year’s Hell or High Water, Taylor Sheridan makes his feature directorial debut with the noir thriller Wind River. A murder mystery set in the bitter winter of the Wyoming wilderness, the story is… Read More

Picking Up The Spare: Brigsby Bear, Wonder Woman, Atomic Blonde

Brigsby Bear Nice use of sponsored content as Sony Classics buys a sponsored trailer on The A.V. Club, which has a solid movie-loving readership, just the kind that will champion this unique film. Wonder Woman Variety reports that WB is mulling an… Read More

Tron (Flashback Movie Marketing)

Among the many movies I felt The Emoji Movie was borrowing themes and approaches from as I reviewed its campaign, TRON was among the most prominent. While Inside Out or Wreck-It Ralph might be more current examples of stories taking place inside… Read More

The Incredible Jessica James – Marketing Recap

Jessica Williams, well-known to viewers of “The Daily Show,” stars as the title character in the Netflix-original movie The Incredible Jessica James. Jessica is a playwright in New York who’s brimming with confidence but is still having trouble navigating her life, particularly… Read More

Albert Brooks – Director Overview

This week Criterion is adding Albert Brooks’ great Lost In America to their collection. It’s a great choice to be memorialized by the company, with a story that captures the discontent of the middle class in the middle of the 1980s as… Read More

Brigsby Bear – Marketing Recap

I’m not going to offer my usual plot recap for Brigsby Bear here because, quite frankly, it’s too insane. Let’s just say that it involves a man named James (Kyle Mooney) who has been obsessed since childhood with a single TV show,… Read More

Atomic Blonde – Marketing Recap

It’s not always fair when we compare new movies to James Bond. Nothing can truly measure up the legacy of 50+ years that the British spy has established. Nevertheless “It’s like Bond, but…” is a convenient narrative shorthand and has been used… Read More

The Emoji Movie – Marketing Recap

The average consumer is a lot smarter about what the inside of their electronic devices contain than someone in, say, 1982. Coverage of technology has made us all better informed about the inner workings of our smartphones and other gadgets. This week’s… Read More